Lustrum-exhibition Amstellandkunst
Loods 6
KNSM-laan 143
1019 LB Amsterdam.

OPENING: friday 25 november 17 – 19 hours

saturday 26 november 11 – 17 hours
sunday 27 november 11 – 17 hours

FINISSAGE: sunday 27 november 15 – 17 hours

From 25 until 27 november AmstellandKunst celebrates her
15-years anniversery with alustrum-exhibition in Loods 6 in Amsterdam.
The members of AmstellandKunst plus one guest, show their work.



Every friday, saturday, sunday
Plus tuesday 21/6:
11.00- 17.00 hours.
Entrance free

Only by reservation:
21 june 23.00 - 24.30 hours:
beamershow by Tanja Henn
Entrance: € 10
Please mention: beamershow


Schoonoord, Drenthe


Several exhibitants

12 march - 24 april 2022

Friday, saturday, sunday
11.00 - 17.00 hours

(12 en 13 march:
Open Studio Days Coevorden)

Schoonoord, Drenthe

19 november    2021
until 30 january 2022

Final view- and biddays::
Saturday 29 and
sunday 30 january
11.00 - 17.00 uur

Bidding possible until:
30 january 17.00 hours.

To the online auction>>

Schoonoord, Drenthe

Solo exhibition Martha Marjenburgh
1 april 2021 until 'the edge of autumn'

Open on appointment
Call: 06 - 290 87 377
Or mail: concrea@online.nl.

Schoonoord, Drenthe

Open Studio Days Coevorden 2020

At Studio Concrea 2 weekends:

saturday 3 and sunday 4 october
saturday 10 and sunday 11 october


Schoonoord, Drenthe

4 june until 6 september:
Exhibition '20-20 plus'

thursday until sunday
11.00 - 17.00 hours

Next to the artworks
of 20x20 cm the exhibition is
added with one extra work
of eacht artist.

The extra artworks
have different sizes.


24 october 2019 - 21 january 2020:

WOONZORGCENTRUM DE PAASBERGEN:     Artworks of Gerard van Amstel, Diana Möhlman, Roland van Balen and myself

Woonzorgentrum De Paasbergen
Paasbergen 1, 7873 BE Odoorn
Open: dayly 9.00 - 17.00 hours


13 july - 25 august 2019: 'Recycle Art'

Artworks of Peter van Zwol, Liesbeth Pauw, Beatrix Copier, Sophie Oostra, Hannie vd Gijp,
Roland van Balen and myself

Studio Concrea, Slenerweg 78, Schoonoord.
Open: wednesday - sunday 11.00 - 17.00 hours.


11 may - 23 june 2019: 'Contemporary (sur)realists'

Artworks of Kees Thijn, Jan vd Brink, Henk Bloemhof, Arie Ekkel, Marcus Pol and myself

Studio Concrea, Slenerweg 78, Schoonoord.
Open: wednesday - sunday 11.00 - 17.00 hours.


23 april - 30 may 2019: 'Sustainability Art', TU Delft

Library TU Delft, Gebouw 21, Prometheusplein 1, Delft.   Open: 7 days a week 8.00 - 24.00 hours

9 march - 21 april 2019: 'Concrea unpacks'

More than 100 works of art exhibited in the Expodeel of Studio Concrea.
Roland van Balen and I also took a number of artworks from Amsterdam to exhibit here.
The 2 guest exhibitors are Gerard van Amstel and Diana M�hlmann.

Studio Concrea, Slenerweg 78, Schoonoord.
Open: wednesday - sunday 11.00 - 17.00 hours.


9 february - 3 march 2019: Theme-exhibition 'Sustainability Art', with VAK- and Pulchri-members in the Pulchri Studio The Hague.

Two artists collectives, Pulchri Studio and Amstelland Kunst (VAK),
organize toghether this travelling artproject. In co-operation with the TU Delft
60 artists make the complex developments regarding Sustainability tangible.
I am one of them.

The artists show their vision on planet earth, which will also have to be habitable
for future generations. CO2 emissions, global warming, rising sea levels,
drought and flooding, the plastic soup, the disappearance of diversity;
these topics capture the people around the world and artists too.

Pulchri Studio, Lange Voorhout 15, Den Haag.
Open: tuesday - sunday 12.00 - 17.00 hours.


After Pulchri Studio, the exhibition can be seen successively at CBK Amsterdam, Technical University Delft and the Van der Togt Museum in Amstelveen.

16 february - 24 march 2019: Theme-exhibition 'Verbinding' (Connection),
work by 10 members of the Artcircle Zweeloo, including Roland van Balen and me.

The Kunstherberg Zweeloo is open saturday and sunday 13.00 - 17.00 hours.
During the Open Studio Days on 9 and 10 March 11.00 - 17.00 hours.

6 - 30 march 2019: 'Sustainability Art', travelling exhibition, CBK Amsterdam

CBK Amsterdam, Oranje Vrijstaat kade 71, Amsterdam.:   Open: wed.- friday 11.00 - 18.00 hours, Saturday and sunday 11.00 - 17.00 hours.

24 and 25 july 2018: Montmartre in Oosterhesselen
with Roland van Balen and Gerard van Amstel, www.montmartreoosterhesselen.com

4 november t/m 24 december 2017:     Theme exhibition 'Music and dance'

Again I made new work. Now also in a new technique!

2 september - 29 october 2017:     Photo-exhibition 'Oes Drenthe'

I made 2 new artpieces for this exhibition!

25 - 26 july 2017:   Montmartre in Oosterhesselen, Drenthe

Roland van Balen and I participate in this event.
Roland goes painting on-site with acrylic paint. I myself am going to make a portraitdrawings with pencil and charcoal.

2 up to 28 may 2017

VAK jubilee exhibition in Museum JAN VAN DER TOGT in Amstelveen

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Vereniging Amstelland Kunst
all members (including me) exhibit a selection of their work.

3 may the book 'Een VAK apart' is presented.
This book is for sale in the museum during the exhibition.

For more information go to www.jvdtogt.nl

11 march up to 7 june 2017

Spring exhibition in Gallery De Kunstspieker
With work of Roland van Balen and me

Gallery De Kunstspieker
Kruisstraat 15 - Zweeloo.

Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00.
On public holidays from 13:00 to 17:00.
And by appointment.

7 january - 3 march 2017:

Members of the Coevorder Kunstenaars Collectief (CKC) exhibit.
I am guest-exhibitor with a number of 3D works.

Gallery 'Kunst op vijf'
Sallandsestraat 5 - Coevorden.

Open: Wednesday - saturday and open-shop sundays.
13.00 - 17.00 hours

12 november up to 24 december 2016 -   Roland van Balen and me take part in this exhibition

During provisioning of this exhibition we got an uncexpected visit of RTV Drenthe.

The interview was broadcasted the 13th of november 2016,
last part of the program 'Strunen'.

Click here for the tv-broadcast

And that tasted like more at the local media.
The 22nd of november at 11.10 am there was a radio interview,
now also paying attention to the art and the artists themselves ... Click here for the radio-broadcast

7 october - 20 november 2016:  10 guest-exhibitors, including me, exhibit in Museum Thijnhof, Coevorden.
My work is exhibited in room 5.

I am present the 16th of october for a Meet & Greet at 13.30 hours. I give a presentation about my work.

Museum Thijnhof, Gasthuisstraat 2A, Coevorden.   Also see: www.thijnhof.nl/
Open every friday, saturday and sunday 13.00 - 17.00 hours.

    From the 18th of june 2016: STUDIO CONCREA OPEN

It has started. Studio Concrea is open. Part of the large barn is rebuilt into a studio, so creative work can be done there en thus this is happening.
Every wednesday during the summer season there is Open Studio. Creative people who want to be active, can go there, for example to draw, to paint, and to model,�
under the inspiring guidance of Roland van Balen and me. Also workshops and courses will take place there.


STUDIO CONCREA, SLENERWEG 78, SCHOONOORD, DRENTHE.     For more information see: www.concrea.nl

12 march 2016 - 5 june 2016:   Spring exhibtion in Gallery 'De Kunstspieker' in artistsvillage Zweeloo

A small gallery that shows work of different artists from Drenthe every three months.
This spring with works of Martha Marjenburgh and Roland van Balen.



2 - 10 april 2016:   Art in the Parktower

Works of 34 VAK-artists, among who Martha Marjenburgh

19 december 2015 - 6 march 2016:   Winterexhibition in gallery 'De Kunstspieker' in artistsvillage Zweeloo

A small gallery that shows work of different artists from Drenthe every three months.
This winter with a number of small sculptures by Martha Marjenburgh.


Adres: Adress: Kruisstraat 15, Zweeloo. Open: every saturday and sunday 13.00 - 17.00 hours.
See for mor information: www.kunstspieker-zweeloo.nl/

12 december 2015 - 10 january 2016:

In the Centre Visual Arts Emmen the groupexhibioton 'Landcape in my head'.
A hundred artist in Drenthe take part in it, among who Martha Marjenburghand Roland van Balen.
The works are shown anonymous and a jury chooses a winner. There is also an audience award.

See for more information: www.cbkemmen.nl/

14 and 15 november 2015:   National Artdays

Last year I skipped but this year I join the National Artdays again. They take place in the Ahoyhal in Rotterdam.
The number of my stand is 51 and and for instance you can see this new piece of art, titled 'Where the hell am I'.

National Artdays 2015
Ahoyhal Rotterdam, Ahoy-weg 10 Rotterdam
saturday 14 and sunday 15 november. Open: 11.00 - 17.30 hours.

See for more information: www.kunstdagen.nl/kunstdagen/2015/

3 and 4 october 2015:   Atelierroute Amstelveen

Arthouse Elsenhove, location Playfarm Elsenhove, Bankrasweg 1, Amstelveen.
Open: 11.00 - 17.00 hours.

See for more information about the VAK-artists: www.amstellandkunst.nl

19 september 2015, 14.30 hours:
Opening central exhibition Studioroute Amstelveen 2015

Kunstuitleen Amstelveen, Stadsplein 103 in Amstelveen

On Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 October uur 64 professional artists from region Amstelland open the doors of their studios to the public,to give a look behind the scenes during the Studioroute.

Prior to the Studio route there is a central exhibition from Saturday 19 september till Sunday 4 October in Kunstuitleen Amstelveen. All participating artists to the Studio route are represented there with one work.

Art lovers who want to choose in advance which studio they go, can visit the central exhibition in the Kunstuitleen Amstelveen at the Stadhuisplein. The opening of this exhibition is on Saturday 19 september at 14.30 in the Kunstuitleen and is carried out by Maaike Veeningen Alderman for culture of Amstelveen.

For more information: www.atelierrouteamstelveen.nl

A number of VAK-artists,among who Martha Marjenburgh, exhibit in the Arthouse Elsenhove, location Playfarm Elsenhove,Bankrasweg 1 in Amstelveen.

13th of june 2015: Small photoreport of the birthdaygardenparty


13th of june 2015:   Gardenparty, celebrating Martha's and Roland's birthdays

1 january 2015

Christmas 2014

Look back AAF 2014

The aisle

Also bought a piece of art myself:
'Indian Courtyard' from John Costa

The New Gallery, AAF stand

This is the artpiece at my place on the wall. Isn't it nice?

30 october- 2 november 2014: Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam


AAF Amsterdam
Kromhouthal 231, Amsterdam Noord
thursday 30 october 11.00 - 18.00 h
friday 31 october 11.00 - 20.00 h
saturday 1 november 11.00 - 18.00 h.
sunday 2 november 11.00 - 18.00 h.
I am there for sure on thursday and sunday the whole day
and friday till 14.00 hours,

during the other times by appointment.
See for more info: www.affordableartfair.nl

10th of august 2014

These are the remaining visitingdays:
friday � � ��saturday � � � sunday
august � � � � � � � � �15 � � � � � � 16 � � � � � � � �17
august � � � � � � � � �29 � � � � � � 30 � � � � � � � �31
september � � � � � � �-- � � � � � � 13 � � � � � � � �14
september � � � � � � �-- � � � � � � 20 � � � � � � � �21

Open: all these days 12.00 - 17.00 hours.The final day, 21 september, I will be there too.

30th of may2014

It is time again for the Open Studios Jordaan. 67 artists participate this time.
Please visit (amon others) studio nr. 63 en 64, Martha Marjenburgh and Roland van Balen. Looiersgracht 12 II, Amsterdam

'Money' is the theme this time. Every artist made an artpiece on this theme and the pieces are auctioned off sunday 1 june 17.00 hours. The central exhibition is therefore an auctionexhibition and and the openingdays are viewing days.
Address viewing days and auction: 'Talent First', Westerstraat 187, Amsterdam.

Click here to download directly to the auction catalog: auction catalog

Look for more information: www.openateliersjordaan.nl

(click for enlargement)
8th of may 2014

Already a next exhibition. The artpiece in the lower left corner is from my hand.
Open 2 weekends a month, 12.00-17.00 hour. Closed the weekend of Ascension Day.
Runs from 10 May-21 september. Look for the exact opening dates on www.delekinbeeld.nl

25 april 2014. Yet nominated

I got a message from the Artweek Foundation: My participation in the Regional Artday Den Bosch delivers me a nomination anyway. Which means I can take part in the National Art days 2014 in november. But I say thanks for the honor this time. It is all a bit too much. Soon, an exhibit in Bergambacht, just in between the Open Studios Jordaan and in october I take part in the Affordable Art Fair.
All thes announcements will follow.

Recently, I am a member of a really nice artist club:
the Association Amstelland Art, in Dutch:
Vereniging Amstelland Kunst, shortly VAK.

(click for enlargement)
I was allowed to start right away with a mission: making an invitation for the next exhibition in 'De Bajes', in which I so also to take part.

The VAK is an Association for and by professional artists in Amstelland region. The artists meet regularly, not only to their interests, but also to mutual inspiration and the exchange of ideas. They exhibit regularly in groups.

The exhibition in 'De Bajes' is held in the framework of art route Amstelveen-50 years. In 2014 it is 50 years since the Council gave the new name Amstelveen, so there's something to celebrate.

The building once was a police station, with prison cells. Hence the name 'Bajes'. The building recently was purchased by Claudio Mancinelli. After the exhibition he will rebuild it to a consultancy agency, with a restaurant on the ground floor.

Please join us for this exhibition.

I am there the last day of the exhibition: Sunday 4 may.
Martha Marjenburgh, 18 april 2014.

16 march 2014:   Short review on a dissapointing Regional Artday Den Bosch

Very nice, this beautiful weather the 9th of march, but not for this artday.
Only 300 visitors, a low record. A beautiful place a had, but seen by few people however.
No nomination this time ...

6 march 2014.
Yes, this year I participate again in de Regional Art Days. In Den Bosch this time.
And you can vote for me again! This Art Day takes place in the Brabanthallen,
Diezekade 2, Den Bosch. Open: sunday 9 march, 13.00 - 17.30 hours.

See for more information: www.kunstdagen.nl

1 january 2014

17 november 2013,   SHORT REVIEW NATIONAL ART DAYS 2013.
(Click for enlargement)

Again a nice and useful experience. Not winning, no that not. Even not sold anything this time. But again I made some interesting contacts. Among others I was invited to exhibit in a gallery in Bergambacht.

9 november 2013. Yes, again I participate, for the third time again.
(Click for enlargement)

See also: www.kunstdagen.nl/kunstdagen/kunstdag

During these 2 exhibitions there was an article about De Ouverture the paper 'Zeeuws Dagblad'

Click the text uphere for the whole article

At the same time as my solo-exhibition, I also participate in this group exhibition!
(click for enlargement)

(click for enlargement)

20 april 2013

Last Sunday I entered the Regional Art Day in Breda. It has given me a nomination, for the 3rd time in order.This means I can participate again this year in the National Art Days and can compete for the title ' Winner National Art Days 2013 '.

The Regional and National Art Days are organized since 2010 by the NABK, Nederlandse Associatie voor Beeldend Kunstenaars (Dutch Association for Visual Artists).
Annually 6 to 8 times a Regional Art Day takes place, at different locations in the Netherlands. The most appreciated artists in each location can exhibit in the National Art Days.

Since 2011 I take part in this and up to now I belong to the lucky ones each year. And with more and more success, though I did not win (yet). Last year I at the National Art Days I sold 2 works and made some interesting contacts. This year again I expect something of it. And who knows I might win ...

This year the National Art Days take place the 9th en 10th of november in the Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Rotterdam.

See also: www.kunstdagen.com/kunstdagen/kunstdag/

14 april 2013


(click for enlargement)

In Breda this year again it concerns a LARGE Regional Art Day.
90 artists join in. Each one with 2 artpieces.

Together with an expert jury they decide which artists can exhibit at the National Art Days 2013 in november this year.

In 2011 en 2012 I was one of the happy few. Therefore I was nominated for the title 'Winner National Artdays'.

This year I participate again.
Will I belong to the nominated again?
It might just be.

Be wise and make a print of the invitation here. If you show that you pay less intrance ...

See for more information: www.kunstdagen.nl

24 february 2013


Almost nobody knows.
It could not be, because they don't exist. Though the people who were model for this: Roland and I.

It is the start of my project 'Twins'. In doing so, I take pictures of couples and I edit the photo's in which I melt the faces (and sometimes more) together, as though they were twins.

� 7 january 2013

A very happy, prosperous and creative 2013

That we all might be just as creative and resourceful as the makers of this movie:

Click here

25 december 2012

Merry Christmas!

16 november 2012,   Review National Artdays 2012

They were 2 great days, even though I didn't win again. Two artpieces sold (Schmimmeldans 1 and 3) to a very nice couple. Te next day a gallery in the East of the country invited me. Of a fellow artist, I got a tip about an exhibition opportunity in a museum! And with another collegue I exchanged some technical ideas. All in all, 2 very enjoyable, lucrative and meaningful days.

On this pictoure my lovely partner Roland, watching my stand for a moment. The 2 artpieces on the right are te sold ones.

Very good like so, these National Artdays.
Next year I will probably again participate in the pre-selection. In which region I stil don't know. Hopefully I am again nominated for the National Artdays again at the end of the year!

National Artdays 2012, saturday 10 and sunday 11 november

Since I am nominated again this year, I will join the National Artdays Exhibiotion again.
This year it takes place in the Ahoyhal, Rotterdam. Next to my work, there are more than 800 works shown from artists who, just like I, are chozen to exhibit and run for the titel 'Winner National Artdays 2012'.

Visitors at the National Artdays can show their appreciation on the works en thereby, together with an expert jury, decide which artist will be the winner.
The announcement with Award Ceremony takes place at the end of the second day, sunday 11 november.

Where my work is exhibited, you can also buy the just published booklet 'Van deel naar heel, collages en mozaieken van Martha Marjenburgh'. As long as the stock lasts. This booklet is also available to order.

National Artdays 2012, Ahoyhal, Ahoy-weg 10, Rotterdam
saturday 10 and sunday 11 november 2012, 10.00 - 18.00 hours.

7 october 2012 - Exhibition unsual materials

Vernissage: 2012, october 7, 18.00 hours

26 juli 2012

Exhibition Hall in the Ahoyhal
  Stil nominated!

So I thought not to belong to the chosen ones, yet it is the case!
There were a lot of good artworks, at the Regional Artdays in Eindhoven this year.
And I rather did not get a very prominent place there ...
So for me it was not curious not to be nominated this time,
for the title Winner National Artdays of the year.

But then the organisation lets me know after all that I can join the exhibition National Artdays 2012, to compete for the title. Although this is also due to the resignation of another nominated artist, but still.

The National Artdays 2012 will take place november 10 and 11 in the Ahoyhal, Rotterdam.
More news will follow.

Open Studios Jordaan 2012

A small filmimpression: Click here

On the right some pictures of the interior

of Looiersgracht 12 II:



Visit us again at the Looiersgracht 12, 2nd floor. Route-numbers 52 and 53,
Roland van Balen and Martha Marjenburgh

See for more informationa and the program: www.openateliersjordaan.nl

march 30 - may 5, 2012

SOLO EXHIBTION Martha Marjenburgh

Spui Medisch Centrum,
Spuistraat 239, Amsterdam.

The opening takes place march 30 from 17.30 - 20.00 hours.Do you want to be invited for this,let me know before march 29.

Outside the opening the exhibition can only be visited bij appointment

Call of mail for an invitation for the opening or for an appointment:

Tel. 06 - 290 87 377

Announcement: february 26 2012 - Regional Day of Art Eindhoven

(Click for enlargment)

In Eindhoven this year it concerns a LARGE Regional Day of Art.

Visitors can indicate their preference for the exhibited artworks. Together with an expert jury they decide which artists can exhibit at the Nationale Artdays 2012.

Last year I was one of the happy few. Therefore I was nominated for the title 'Winner National Artdays'.

This year I participate again. With new works.
See for more information: www.kunstdagen.nl

february 27, 2012:

Unless I didn't belong to the winners this time. Although a had some nice encounters, maybe resulting in an exhibition with a group of artists in Brabant ...

january 15, 2012 - Photo-impression Art in the PG. (click on the photo's for enlargment)

january 7 2012


December 5, 2011

(Click for a larger, more readable version.)

More of my digital collages (prints on dibond) are shown in the exhibition. Do you want to meet me there? Than come at the opening, first christmasday
or newyearsday. Then I am present. And didn't you manage to be there one of these days, then there is the finissage on the last Sunday, January 15.

National Artdays 2011, 15 november:

Not a winner, though a seller.

More than 6000 visitors visited the
National Artdays at 12 and 13 november.

The location, the Old Church in Amsterdam,
was realy wonderful.
Dominique Prins was the winner.

Although I did not get a prize, there was a lot of interest in my work.
The work in the middle, 'blue girl'(1/3), was sold and there is an option on both works besides it.

Announcement: 12 and 13 november 2011

National Artdays 2011

'blue girl', Martha Marjenburgh,
one of the exhibited artworks

In the Old Church (Oude Kerk) in Amsterdam there are artworks exhibited and for sale from 120 selected artists. At the Regional Artdays they got the most appreciation from the visitors and a jury. By that they knew themselves nominated for the title 'Winner National Artdays 2011'.
Martha Marjenburgh is one of them.

Visitors of the National Artdays can indicate their preference for the exhibited artworks. By that, toghether with a competent jury, they decide which artist becomes the winner.

The announcement and awards take place the second National Artday, sunday 13 november at 17.00 hours.

National Artdays (Nationale kunstdagen) 2011
Old Church (Oude Kerk)
Oude Kerksplein, Amsterdam

saturday 12 november 11.00 - 19.00 hours
sunday 13 november 13.00 - 17.30 hours

july 2011:
Short review Jordaan Art

Movie: Click here.

1 july 2011: Opening Central Exhibition
Andr� van Veen and Martha Marjenburgh.

17 july 2011: Award Jordaan Art contest.
Marja Heimering and Hans Hellingwerf. Read more

For more pictures and reviews: Click here.

2 and 3 july 2011: � � � �

* 18 artists in the South Jordaan have their studiodoors wide open.
* In some studio's musicians and poets will perform.
* There is a contest on which you can win a signed piece of art!

Central Exhibition: Huis van de Buurt, Elandsgracht 70. Open 12.00 - 17.00 hours.
Studio's open: 12.00 - 18.00 hours.

See for more information and the program: www.openateliersjordaan.nl

6 june 2011: Nominated!

The Regional Day of Art in Utrecht which took place yesterday, was at least to 20 artists successful and I was one of them. The artworks I exhibited belonged tot the works of the 20 most appreciated artists. This means I am one of the happy few that can exhibit their work 12 and 13 november at the National Days of Art in the Old Church in Amsterdam.

Here you see my 2 exhibited works in Utrecht. The artist who exhibited next to me also belongs to the happy ones.

At the National Days of Art the visitors can also indicate their preference for the exhibited artworks. Together with an expert jury they decide who becomes Winner Days of Art 2011.

See for more information about the National Days of Art: www.kunstdagen.nl/pagina/programma.html

Announcement: Regional Day of Art Utrecht
5 june 2011 13.00 - 18.00 hours

There is work to admire and to buy from 59 artists. In total they exhibit 120 artworks, among which these 2 from Martha Marjenburgh

Schimmeldans 2, dibond, 60 x 80 cm  �    �    �    �    �  Schimmeldans 3, dibond, 60 x 80 cm

Visitors can indicate their preference for the exhibited artworks, and by that together with the jury determine which artists get the opportunity to present their work during the National Days of Art 2011. The most appreciated artists will be announced at 17.50 hours.

In the National Days of Art the 20 most appreciated artist of the 6 regional Days of Art in the Netherlands, exhibit three of their works. So 120 artist will exhibit there with 360 works in total.

Regional Day of Art Utrecht, 5 june 2011 13.00 - 18.00 hours
Sophie's AL
Archimedeslaan 120
3584 BA Utrecht. For more information: www.kunstdagen.nl.

9 april 2011: Course Collages in The Kunstlinie completed with exhibition

Students exhibit their work. You can see the exhibition for indefinite time in the foyer
of Artcentre the Kunstlinie, Esplanade 12, Almere.
'Frida is knitting'                'We are in Wonderland', Jojanneke Besemer                 'Seduction'
Gabrielle Hagedorn                                                                                                                              Vicky Sniekers
'The worst of China',                         'Spigt', Marchien Koster                 'Le est la', Jojanneke Besemer
Jennie Rosier

Announcement Photo-exhibition in the Stopera, Amsterdam

26 january - 5 march 2011
Theme: Open Studios in the Centre of Amsterdam

In The Centre of Amsterdam there are 5 Open Studio-routes: Western Islands, Newmarket, Jordaan, Eastern Islands, and Plantage/Weesper neighbourhood.
Some routes are kept every year, others every 2 years. In total about 300 professional artists, designers and other creative entrepreneurs participate.

The participants of the 5 routes have put their strengths together to organize this exhibition.

The photo-exhibtion shows a number of artists in their studio and gives information about the history and future of the studioroutes.

� �

The exhibition in the Stopera is located in the passage opposite the pay desks
of the Music Theater. At the Red Wall.

Announcement 2011:

Complete Course Collages in 3 blocks!
Start: 12 march 2011. Registration closes 1 march.

In co-operation with Artcentre 'de Kunstlinie' in Almere I provide a complete Course Collages, containing 3 blocks. In the course you can thoroughly survey the phenomenon collages in visual arts and and apply it in your own artpieces.

The images that are shown and described, can be a source of inspiration. But you can also shape your own ideas by means of the techniques that you learn about in this course. Also digital techniques are part of the course, and other technical aspects, such as: What about the sustainability? Does the color of a collage not fade eventually and how can we prevent that? For digital printing there are some good printing techniques nowadays ...

Course location: Artcentre 'de Kunstlinie', Esplanade 12, Almere
Block 1: Saturday 12 march, 10.00 - 16.30 hours
Block 2: Saturday 26 march, 10.00 - 16.30 hours.
Block 3: Saturday 9 april, 10.00 - 16.30 hours.
Cost: € 130,--

Register: Only through the website of de Kunstlinie: www.dekunstlinie.nl.
Or if you click this link: www.dekunstlinie.nl/cursusaanbod-volwassenen/beeldende-kunst/cursus-'collages'
you arrive at the right internetpage at once.

9 october 2010:
More about: Open House at my place 6 and 7 november

My house is also my gallery and studio and I don't always want to keep that to my self only.
There is a lot of artwork to see, especially collages nowadays. Made by me, as well as by my partner, Roland van Balen. And a number of ‘Gesamtkunstwerken’. So come and see!
NB.: For the Workshop Collages (10 / 14 nov.) you can register up to 8 november.

(Also see the message below here from 1 october : Announcement ArtsWeek).

1 october 2010.

The National Arts Week is coming!

The National Arts Week, this year from 6 up to 14 november, includes a large number of activities and events, among which the election Artist of the Year, the Arts Week Present, the Arts Week website, the Arts Week Book and the election Art City of the Year. Roland and I also participate this year and contribute:

Saturday 6 and sunday 7 november
11.00 - 18.00 hour: OPEN HOUSE
Looiersgracht 12 II, Amsterdam
, free access

Wednesday 10 / sunday 14 november
10.30 - 16.30 hour:
, € 45,-- incl. lunch
(registration closes 8 november)
Other days during the Arts Week:
Visiting by appointment.

The Arts Week Present 'Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2010' (Annual Artists 2010), is available free at my studio only 6 november (while stock lasts).

The Arts Week Book 'Kunst met een kus' (Art with a kiss) is for sale at my place with discount during the whole Arts Week. In that case also: While stock lasts.


For information about the other participants and activities in the Arts Week, see: www.kunstweek.nl

10 september 2010. Page 'collages' renewed!

The page 'collages' is from now called 'collages / mixed media'
It contains artworks from both of us, plus a number of 'Gesamtkunstwerken'.

9 september 2010. The guestpage is repealed.

The main reason is that most of the artworks on it were from Roland van Balen and his work is shown at the renewed page
'collages / mixed media' from tomorrow. One of the reports on the guestpage however is worthwile saving. In june 2008 it said:

These 2 bronze statues are in front of the entrance of Het Marnix. (click at the pictures for enlargement)
Left from the entrance is 'Amelia' from Christiaan Schraven. Amelia was the eldest doughter of Filips van Marnix, lord of Sint-Aldegonde. The statue is inspired by the different functions that are accomodated in Het Marnix, such as swimming, wellness en the burgundian of the caf�-restaurant. The statue was completed in 2006 and was placed then on the occasion of the opening of Het Marnix.

At the right side of the entrance is 'Watertrappelen' ('Treading water') from Ren� Nyssen (✝). Here it was the eldest doughter of the artist himself, who inspired him and stood model for one of the 2 children treading water. The statue was placed at the entrance of the old Marnixbath years ago. When that building was torn down, the statue was stored temporarely. Fortunately it was placed again at the renewed Marnix.

However, some time after the appearance of this article, the statue 'Watertrappelen' from Ren� Nyssen was moved away! It is
now in a shed. The reason? Some people said it was offensive! Unbelievable. But maybe the final word about that is not yet said...

Saturday 29 and sunday 30 may 2010
Prolongation Open Studios Jordaan Looiersgracht 12 II

Did'nt you have time to visit us (Roland and Martha) last Easterweekend? Or were you here but do you want to come again, for instance to buy some new art from us? T han you are welcome to visit us again next weekend.

Because we have a lot of new art this time. Very special art. Are you friend, donor of sponsor of the Open Studios Jordaan, then you receive 10% discount at the purchase of our work.

Schimmeldans 2
We are open saturday 29 and sunday 30 may from 12.00 till 18.00 hours. And we hang the blue flags outside again (nr. 76 en 77).   Address: Looiersgracht 12 II, Amsterdam

22, 23, 24 may 2010, Easterweekend: Open Ateliers Jordaan 2010

80 artists (10 more than 2 years ago) in the Jordaan in Amsterdam have their studios open in the Easterweekend. Roland van Balen and Martha Marjenburgh are among them again, located at the Looiersgracht 12 II. This year we have routenumbers 76 and 77.

The central exhibition is located at a unique and original place: in a big tent at the courtyard of Buurtcentrum Ons Genoegen, Elandstraat 44.

And this year there are many performances of musicians in the studios. The program is pronounced at the location of the central exhibition. For more information, see: www.openateliersjordaan.nl

1 may 2010: The end of HAA!

The first and succesfull exhibition in De Kunstlinie Almere is the last and only one. The 4 HAA artists decided not to continue as a group. As many heads as many sentences, for artists is certainly, also for the 4 of the HAA-group. Although they will maintain contact.

Roland van Balen and Martha Marjenburgh however will continue as an artists-couple. Their activities and work will be announced and shown at my website.

Lillian Hedegaard will start her own website and Joey van Balen will continue his activities in Denmark in the meantime.

Soon this website will undergo a change and completely be devoted to the work of Martha Marjenburgh as well as of Roland van Balen. The guestpage will dissapear then.

13 march 2010

Due to the enormous succes the HAA-exhibition in De Kunstlinie in Almere is extended with 6 days up to 19 march!

It is a beautiful exhibition in a beautiful building.
Go and see it before it is to late!

30 january 2010: Opening Exhibition HAA

10 january 2010.

Start- and end dates, ass well as the location of the HAA- exhibition is noted now:

30 january - 13 march 2010.
Location: De Kunstlinie, Esplanade 12, Almere.

Here a recently finished collage. At the bottom of the collagepage there are some more new ones.

20 october 2009.

At the collagepage there are 22 pieces of art now!

Here a recenty finished collage, made by 3 HAA-artists.

18 september 2009.

The new page 'collages' at this website is fact from today. Now there are 15 artpieces on it, but without doubt there will be more.

They were and are not only made by myself, but also in co-operation with other artists. The project 'Pieces', in which the 4 HAA artists work together, is an important part of it. This project is still going on.

The page shows collages in different techniques: paper, digital and mixed media. Here an example of a digital collage (print 45 x 60 cm):

30 august 2009.

'Pieces' is a project in which the 4 HAA artists work together.

Before this they only worked individually: in different styles, but whit a similarity in technique:
They cut a whole thing into pieces of which a new work of art is made.

From this similarity in technique there grew an idea to make pieces of art together, from loose
elements, parts (pieces). With surprising results, new pieces of art, made toghether.
Mostly collages. These are soon to be seen at the the new page 'collages' of this.

Here you see 2 newly finished pieces of art:

21 june 2009. The project 'Pieces' continues...

20 march 2009. Start of the project 'Pieces' ...

1 january 2009. A prosperous, creative en very happy new year!!

17 october 2008. � Here you see the first pictures of work from the 4 HAA-artists. Work from Roland van Balen
and Martha Marjenburgh is already shown earlier. Therefore now we show pictures of work of the other 2 artists.
Joey van Balen                                                                                                                                             Lilian Hedegaard

20 august 2008: FOUNDATION OF HAA !

Haa is a group of Dutch-Danish artists, founded in Helsing�r, Danmark. Each of them has an own individual style. What they have in common is their intractabillity and their need to be compared to no-one else, no artstyle or -movement.

Thought their style is different there is a similarity in their technique. They cut a whole thing into pieces of which a new work of art is made. Lilian Hedegaard does that in her collages, Martha Marjenburgh in her mosaics and Roland van Balen cut some of his large paintings into small ones and composes new works of art of them. Recycling in art? That's what you could call it. His brother Joey however is less analitical, but he uses former used materials.

The letters Haa stand for Helsing�r, Almere, Amsterdam, the residences of the 4 artists. Joey van Balen was born in the Netherlands, but meanwhile he lives the largest part of his life in Danmark. But also he stays in Amsterdam sometimes. Lilian Hedegaard was born in Danmark, but finally she started to live in the Netherlands, at first in Amsterdam, later in Almere. Amsterdam is the residence of Roland van Balen (brother of Joey) and Martha Marjenburgh. Roland van Balen lived and worked in Danmark in the seventies, but afterwards and up to now he choose the Jordaan in Amsteram to live and work. Martha Marjenburgh was born and raised in Amsterdam. Through Roland van Balen she got to know his brother Joey and later Lilian Hedegaard. During a collective stay in Danmark the foundation of Haa took place. The 4 artists regulary travel up and down between the 2 countries. In 2009 they will exhibit together for the first time.


During the event Open Ateliers Jordaan there was an unexpected lot of interest in my photography.
De first 2 pictures under here (the prunes and the cactus) were shown at the exhibition in the Fatih Moskee in Amsterdam.
All these pictures, with exception of the last one up here, were taken in the south of France.
The photo's are printed on aquarel paper. There was absolutely no trickery ("photoshopping") committed to the pictures.
De last picture, "Footsteps", was taken in Amsterdam. The footsteps on the print are drawn by hand with acrylpaint.

10, 11 and 12 may 2008, Whitsun weekend: Open Studios Jordaan.

Roland van Balen and Martha Marjenburgh are taking part again to the Open Atelier Route at the address Looiersgracht 12 II. They are 2 of the 70 artists who have their studiodoors wide open these days, from 12.00 - 18.00 hours.

But that is not the only thing. From the 70 artists, there are 14, who exhibit work in the Fatih-mosque in Amsterdam. Among them are also Roland van Balen and Martha Marjenburgh. It is the first time that a mosque in the Netherlands allows art. In the most mosques images are forbidden. On the artworks in the Fatih-mosque no portraits are shown, only abstract works and landscapes.

And there is a Central Exhibition again, at the same place as 2 years ago, in Dance Street.
For more information: www.openateliersjordaan.nl

20 april - 17 may 2008: ART IN THE SWIMMING -POOL! (click at the pictures for enlargement)
In the context of Open Ateliers Jordaan 2008, an event to which 70 artists are going to participate the next Whitsun Weekend,
a number of them (20) is showing art in the Marnixbath. Among them are Roland van Balen and Martha Marjenburgh.
In 2006 the completely renovated Marnixbath was opened. It is now called 'Het Marnix' and apart from two swimming-pools
it covers a large number of accomodation spaces, among which a vast and agreeable caf�-restaurant, named 'Zink'.
That is where the exhibition takes place.
The theme is: "NAT & DROOG" (wet and dry).

Address: Marnixplein1, Amsterdam.
'Zink' is open: Mo. - friday 9.30 - 24.00 hours. Saturday 9.30 - 21.00 hours. Sunday 10.00 - 21.00 hours.

This poem is a so-called "Onzijn", (no word in English for it, sorry): An eleven-lined poem, consisting of 3 terzines and a distichon.
The rhyme-scheme is a linked rhyme: abc-bcd-cda-ee.

In 1983 this form of poetry was invented by Drs. P.,a Dutch poet-songwriter, who is very well known in Holland for his special style
of poetry. Drs. P. wrote 4 bundles with "onzijnen":
Tientallen Elftallen (1985)
Dozijnen Onzijnen (1998)
Mijn reis met Dante door de hel (2003)
3x3+2 (2006)

I find it a tremendous invention. Also very suitable for the style of Martha Majeur.
For certain she will express herself more often by making an Onzijn.

There was a man whose teeth got stuck
because of failing luck
His dentist had a lot of work
to repare all this mess
So don't be stupid, be no jurk
to wait for happiness

� Martha Majeur, 21 february 2008

Illustration: Roland van Balen

1 juli 2006 For the whole piece of art:
go to the page 'paintings'

detail van 'big nose'

For the whole piece of art:
go to the page 'sculptures'

detail van 'flexible towers'

Whitsun Holiday Weekend:
3th, 4th, 5th of june


70 artists have their studio open among who Roland van Balen en I. Our work can be seen at my home/studio: Looiersgracht 12 II

On the right: one of my latest works

Also go and see:
Dancestreet, Eerste Rozendwarsstraat 10
There is the Central Exhibition
where from each artist one work is shown.

Studio's and Central Exhibition are open: 12.00 - 18.00 h.

Also look at: www.openateliersjordaan.nl l

'lost drop of hope', 60 x 80 cm
acryl op doek en lijst

23 april - 5 june 2006: Group-exhibition in Galerie Buuf, the Art Centre.

Because of the enormous success of our contribution to the former exhibition, we take part again this time, Roland van Balen and I. We show new work, not exhibited before.
The galery is open wednesday - saturday 11:00 - 18:00 h., and sunday 13:00 - 18:00 h.
Also look at www.galeriebuuf.nl.

22 january 2006. Last week the poetryvolume 'Een leger wensende wolken' (= 'An Army of whishing clouds) was published. Poems of Martha Majeur with illustrations in color of Roland van Balen.

75 pages.

Volume obtainable at Galerie Buuf and at my place, subject to stock being available.

A summer

Dry and dying the ground
But the air is humid
From fun taking tourists
And sweaty sunburn

While the farmer and his cow
Pay for supposed profusion
Eager guests are grabbing
Legitimate happiness

Yellow the grass and flowers almost black
The sad sunflowers
Hang their heads

But as the sky-blue is dying
From its ultimate dream
The rain comes

This poem is translated from the Dutch
and it is also translated in French.

15 january - 26 february 2006:
Group-exhibition in Galery Buuf, The Art Centre

With the work of 22 artists, among who Roland van Balen en I. And the poetryvolume 'Een leger wensende wolken' (= 'An army of wishing clouds') of Martha Majeur with illustrations of Roland van Balen is there to skim and for sale.

The galery is open wednesday - saturday 11:00 - 18:00 h.
and sunday 13:00 - 18:00 h.

At the site www.galeriebuuf.nl more of our work and of 83 other artists is shown.

25 december 2005, without comment:

12 november 2005

Because Saint Nicolas is her again:
There’s so much poetry on earth
For everything a poem
And everyone you know is worth
Some poetry to show him

If it’s to difficult for you
I’ll create on request
Tell me some facts and what or who
And I will do the rest

I offer you my poets skill
A poem I will send
And you receive a tiny bill
Each word 10 eurocent

30 september 2004

My work is also exhibited digital at:
www. artolive.nl

Here some new work,
a co-production of Roland van Balen
and Martha Marjenburgh :

'warrior', 20 x 30 cm,

'chairman', 20 x 30 cm,

'orang', 20 x 30 cm,

12 june 2004 ---------------------> Part of my work is exhibited the next month at: Galerie Witlov,
Looiersgracht 12, Amsterdam

3 may 2004

After my former computer died, I bought myself a new one and everything is more or less installed, it is about time for something new on the surprisepage. This painting I completed some months ago::

'writing on water', oil on canvas, 60 x 80 cm

4 january 2004

Saint Nicolas is long gone, so is Santa Claus and the new year is already 4 days old. Hereby a (remodelled) product of the slides I made in the summer of 2003:

17 november 2003

A Saint Nicolas surprise!

Until the 5th of december I made for you a free Saint Nicolas poem on request!

Saint Nicolas is a poet
For everyone he knows
He always likes to show it
But now his caseload grows!

He needed some assistance
To save himself some time
He asked me with persistence:
Will you help me to rhyme?

I said yes and I'll show him
That I can rhyme and how
So if you want a poem
I'll make it for you now

For someone to remember
Mail me for who and facts
And up to 4 december
You'll get my rhymed reacts!

12 october 2003

Some of the watchers among you might be waiting for a slideshow of the slides I made this summer. Alas, I have have to dissapoint you (for now). I am not a good fotographer, I think. Not good enough for internet, that is. But the writer in me produces a poem today:
To all my lovers from ago

To all my lovers from ago
Sometimes I hurted them I know

And I was hurted too a lot
Though unknown happiness I got

But far to often it went by
The love was gone, just tears to cry

I wish my lovers all could last
It went to fast, it went to fast

Martha, 12 october 2003

8 october 2003

Look, only one day passed, and another surprise is there!
Within a number of days the next surprise is coming, and I assure you: That is really something new!

This is the eleventh surprise

'The line of the story'
acryl on panel, 30 x 124 cm

7 october 2003

It took a while, but now
several surpises are coming.
Tomorrow another one!

This is the tenth surprise:

'What did they talk about'
acryl on panel, 60 x 80 cm

8 august 2003

The nineth surprise
Me on holiday with a riding caravan, never shown before.
So something had to be done to unite the 'common' with creativity,
so .... I painted the door of the caravan.

6 june 2003

The seventh surprise

Seen on the door of a toilet:

'Wrong men are never boring,
for that they do not stay long enough'

25 may 2003 The sixth surprise: again a acrylpainting

'grass-duck', 30 x 45 cm, acryl on panel

25 may 2003

The next surprise: another acrylpainting

'optimist', 80 x 60 cm, acryl on panel

11 may 2003

The fifth surprise: my newest painting)

'come on, birdie', 60 x 60 cm, oil on canvas

27 april 2003

The fourth surprise is not that big:
my birthday
I want to thank everyone who attended my party last night:
Adinda, Aida, Andrea, Ans, Babet, Carla, David, Ellie, Gerdin, Hans, Jan, Jasper, Johan, Joke, Joop, Josephine, Kees, Lieke, Lots, Louis, Lucia, Marjan, Mary, Niels, Wijnand.

20 april 2003, Easter

The third surprise: an eastermessage.

13 april 2003

The second surprise: a ceramic sculpture.
I modelled it in 2001, glazed it in 2002
and put it on photo in 2003.

'mating birds'

12 cm high, ceramics

6 april 2003

The first surprise: my last produced painting.

'cormorant', 60 x 80 cm, acryl op paneel