The theme this time is: Consolation

My work is exhibited in the Reformed Church in Sleen.
Among which this:

'Freedom - Chord', 30 x 120 cm,
photocompilation and oilpaint on aluminium=dibond

9 march until 26 may 2024:                 theme-exhibtion 'STRANGE BIRDS'.

The artists::

Anneke Bloema
Wijna Booij
Arie Ekkel
Anke Hoefs
Lisette Kolk-Scheffer
Martha Marjenburgh
Marion Mencke
Peter Oosterhout
Aart Stuit
Gerard van Amstel
Roland van Balen
Caroline Verschoor
with 9and 10 march:

Open Studio Days

About my work: Freedom in connection is an important part of my vision of life, which I like to express in my arts.
This theme offered me a great opportunity to do so. Wings symbolize freedom, a handshake symbolizes solidarity.

Studio Concrea, Slenerweg 78, 7848 AJ Schoonoord.

During the Open Studio Days Coevorden:             saturdag 9 and sunday 10 march:          11.00 - 17.00 hours.
Other days until t/m 26 may:              FRYDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY       13.00 - 17.00 hours, (27 april CLOSED) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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