Since the beginning of my artistic career, starting in 1975 with sculpture, I developed myself in several directions. My inspiration came from different sources. I love surprises. Being surprised is thereby both a theme as a source of inspiration. Many techniques I've tried out and applied. As a sculptor I worked mainly with classical techniques as stone and bronze. In 2002 I started painting, which brought color into my work. Then I discovered ceramic mosaic, other possibilties for color applications, both on a flat surface as in three dimensions. Paper collages were a next step, until I discovered digital possibilities and started making digital collages, produced in dibond-acrylic. In 2017 also painting techniques came toe it, which I combine with the digitale photo editings.

Using photos (and lately in combination with oilpaint) I create unusual situations. I paint and shoot pictures of objects, people and sculptures and situate them, totally or partly, in a completely different environment. Thus I make them come alive, making a metaphysical connection with their new surroundings. This creates situations and landscapes with a magic realistic character. Working like this I do not only want to create pretty pictures, but also express something of a vision or experience that cannot be captured in words.

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Martha Marjenburgh, november 2017